Chris Daly goes in on the Los Angeles beat scene innovator's first release in five years.
POW premieres Midnight Satori, the Dome of Doom debut from Boston beatmaker Rah Zen.
Smileswithteeth is the solo project of Gabriel Gutierrez, a Montreal based beatmaker and producer making music for the morning commute. Sampling songs for texture instead of melody, his music falls into an often meditative state, while still being propelled by the current of left-field house and hip-hop. His album, Everyday Always, comes out May 12th […]
Chris Daly has converted to the Swiffer Wet Jet Categorizing the music of LA producer Teebs is a fool’s errand at best. You either dig his unique sound or you don’t. The Brainfeeder artist clearly fills the opposite side of the banger spectrum, so i suppose that makes him the mash to heavier grooves of […]
Teebs & The View From Above February 6, 2014
Album artwork is usually incidental detail, not so for Brainfeeder’s Teebs whose painting career preceded his sonic one. So when you see one of his canvasses, it’s intrinsically tied to his sound design and vice versa. So when I hear “View Point,” my impressions are already stained by the colors above. The first impression that […]
Peter Holslin speaks fluent Dothraki Speak Soon Volume One may be the closest that experimental beat music gets to easy listening. A new EP featuring Prefuse 73 and Teebs—two celebrated producers from the headiest hinterlands of instrumental hip-hop, coming together here under the name Sons of the Morning. It offers 28 minutes of smeary synth […]
Teebs – “Mondaze” August 13, 2013
Teebs continues to make music that makes you want to build a condo in the clouds to hang up abstract psychedelic canvasses, spin esoteric library records, and sip on sangria. The drums on this are the stars, echoing and tribal and hazy. Tuesdaze exist too.
I’m resolutely anti-snippet, but I’ll make the exception for the case of the union of Prefuse 73 and Teebs. This is the first leak from their SOTM collaboration, slated for release on Prefuse’s new Yellow Year records. If it looks like the world’s most beautiful-sounding commercial for the Standard Hotel, that’s because I’m pretty sure […]
This new Teebs remix makes me want to do yoga poses underwater while being attended to by a cove clustered with mermaids, while smoking a bowl of freshly plucked emeralds and eventually coming to repose on a bed stuffed with the hair of unicorns. In said chimerical dream, I will be serenaded by a harp […]
Teebs – “For Phil” February 8, 2013
The description for the new Teebs loosie goes: “random one for today. hanging with phil from the Crosby // Grilled Cheese Spot //” It goes without saying that any song inspired by proximity to a grilled cheese sandwich is something that I can wholeheartedly endorse. I also endorse the heavy drums and the brass horn […]