For the latest Shots Fired, Mibbs of Pac Div visited the Cosmic Zoo to talk about his new solo music, how the Antelope Valley shaped Pac Div, dealing with the major label shuffle, and coming up in the LA rap scene circa 08-09. If you’re interested in the last half-decade of LA hip-hop, the pros […]
The new Shots Fired will drop early next week, maybe, probably. Hellfyre Club is on tour and I failed all the audio engineering classes I never took. We’ll make due. In the interim, the estimable Mike Campbell comes through clutch with a clip of our next episode. We interview Mibbs of Pac Div about Palmdale’s […]
Brad Beatson on the beat.  I dream a lot in the winter. When I’m confined to my apartment thanks to wind chill, the dreams tend to amplify. And so they anchor this mix, along with lines that make me reminisce, allow me to recover, or inspire me to plot my next move. These songs show […]