Rap Up for the Week of 9/18/15 September 18, 2015
Sauce Walka, DOOMSTARKS, ThuggaThuggaMufugga, Wale, Juvenile, and more, it's the Rap-Up!
Would you rather listen to Wale and Jerry Seinfeld or Open Mike Eagle and Hannibal Buress? The choice is yours.
Harold Stallworth ain’t the one for the dibbin’ and dabbin’. The U Street Corridor is probably the most party-driven stretch of Wale’s adopted hometown of Washington D.C. It’s a vibrant hub for nightlife, ripe with craft beer and musicianship, hookah and second childhood. Transplants adore the yuppified bar-hop scene; natives roll their eyes in disgust […]
Brad Beatson challenges Wale to a paint-off. Oh sweet, sad, hapless, bowflexing Wale. You’ve truly reached peak Savasana with this one. For those of you off of the Rap Internet, Wale delivered an Oberst-esque message to MMG cohort Meek Mill yesterday, via Instagram. He even went as far as to claim he may be bipolar, […]
Jonah Bromwich is personally invested. That Wale has sold out is indisputable. He was a prime example of the first wave of blog rappers (Kid Cudi, J. Cole, B.O.B. etc). and one of the first post-Kanye artists to figure out what to talk about now that any topic was acceptable. He put out two excellent […]
Deen remains trippy. For those of you who’ve been paying attention, you’re aware that I’ve probably been listening to all things Freddie Gibbs. After all, he dropped 2 singles and a video in the last week or so. Oh and he decided to drop his album 3 weeks early once it leaked. But a few […]
By Deen
An Open Letter To Wale June 6, 2013
Slava P wrote this in lieu of herbal therapy. Hello Wale, are you there? It’s me, Slava. You might not remember me, but I remember you. We were first introduced in 2007 when I downloaded your mixtape, 100 Miles & Running off the strength of your Justice collaboration. I appreciated your punchy delivery and cheeky […]
Deen doesn’t know about that crown. If I’m keeping it honest with y’all, I’ll have to admit that I really have zero interest in listening to anything that isn’t Life Is Good until Freddie Gibbs or Juicy J drop a new project. However, this bloggist shit is quite the responsibility, so write I must. Writing […]
By Deen
Slava P briefly dated the Maybach Music Girl. For a team that fairly recent started gaining traction, Maybach Music Group has already accrued a fairly popular, if polarizing, roster. There’s the tilapia-loving bawse, Rick Ross; the misguided Midwest transplant, Stalley; the one-man-twerk-machine, Omarion; Meek ‘No Indoor Voice’ Mill; and their newest signee, Rockie Fresh, who […]