Evan Nabavian will be battling Stalley live on UHF In a coup for investigative journalism, I’ve obtained a copy of Meek Mill’s “2011 Maybach Music Group Weed Carriage Employment Agreement”. I know it’s authentic because it’s on MMG letterhead and because I got it from Gunplay in exchange for a mason jar of cocaine — […]
Ricky Rozay finally coming to grips with the fact that he is the rap game Walrus from Alice in Wonderland. Who wants to pay me to go on an oyster binge with Rick Ross? There’s got to be some editor out there willing to do so. Thankfully, Ricky avoids invoking the aphrodisiac powers of oysters. […]
Slava P wrote this on the Chinatown bus. It’s unknown what Meek Mill was thinking when he decided to sign to MMG years ago. With so much lyrical potential presented through an authentic street-centered lens, Meek could’ve easily found success outside of Rozay’s flabby wing. The most likely explanation may lay in the fact that […]
Joshua Lerner has delusions of flaneur. For some time now, the career arcs of Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco have followed opposing trajectories. Five years ago, the very ordinary job of Florida corrections officer, revealed to be hiding at the bottom of Ross’s resume, put his drug kingpin persona in peril. But from where Ross […]
Gunplay vs. The Guillotine December 10, 2012
Because many music critics enjoy revisionist history and pretending that rappers are only influenced by esoteric regional or blog-rap references that only they catch, there has been little mention that three of the four best rappers of 2012  (Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Gunplay and Freddie Gibbs) are heavily influenced by Wu-Tang. This is not half-baked […]
The Gospel of Gunplay September 4, 2012
Slava P was wired when he wrote this, so forgive him if he goes too fast. Continuing to cement his role as the lovable underdog of MMG, Gunplay has dropped a video for “Take This,” one of the singles off his 601 & Snort mixtape. Looking visibly unhinged throughout the video (which he apparently directed […]
Gunplay – M1 August 22, 2012
Son Raw doesn’t smoke M39. I wanted to start this post by saying that Gunplay never appearaed on a song with Drake but the Internet debunked that. Thanks a lot Youtube, some things are better left forgotten. This shouldn’t matter though because Gunplay is still the anti-Drake: loud, insensitive and a 150 proof distillation of […]
Slava P briefly dated the Maybach Music Girl. For a team that fairly recent started gaining traction, Maybach Music Group has already accrued a fairly popular, if polarizing, roster. There’s the tilapia-loving bawse, Rick Ross; the misguided Midwest transplant, Stalley; the one-man-twerk-machine, Omarion; Meek ‘No Indoor Voice’ Mill; and their newest signee, Rockie Fresh, who […]
Max Bell is sparking one for Mike Myers’ career. I doubt that if ‘Michael Jackson came alive right now’ he would want you to spark one for him. And I call GZA and those eight other guys he rapped with some of my greatest math teachers so you might have to check my math, but […]