Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson dives into André 3000's flute-centric album New Blue Sun, which serves as a gateway drug into other obscure yet legendary instrumental albums – unapologetically representing where he's at during this stage of his career.
After being unfamiliar with Mac Miller and his music prior to his untimely passing, Chris Robinson dives into the uncanny relatability in Mac's album Swimming, and how it's a body of work that he's able to attach to his life at any given moment.
Bass Clarinet Boom Bap November 18, 2022
Chris Robinson explores hip-hop's history of sampling the bass clarinet and finds a grab bag of eleven tracks featuring the big licorice’s luscious low-end frequencies.
Chris Robinson speaks to organist Ronnie Foster about his formative musical experiences, rebooting his career, being sampled by J. Cole and more.
The Black-owned and operated Oakland imprint lasted only four years, released 20 albums, but made a lasting impact.
With COVID-19 creating an often joyless landscape, pianist Emmet Cohen's "Live from Emmet's Place" hit the sweet spot between fun and serious artistry.
The idea of a sixteen year old Bay Area janitor in 1968 led to a new live recording of the jazz demigod. Chris Robinson investigates.
Chris Robinson explores the astral plane of the Seattle rap legend's fifth LP under the Shabazz Palaces name.
Chris Robinson goes in on the Los Angeles bass virtuoso's newest album.
Chris Robinson explores three recent albums from the London jazz trailblazer.