Slava Pastuk
Slava P rents a room in Soulja Boy’s tree house. Sometimes you want a project that’s layered and heavy. Something you can chew on for months, dissecting it and adding it to your personal mythology before moving on. A project that you need to sit and take in for a few hours at a time […]
Slava P owns several old New York Posts that once belonged to Dash Snow. Holy Grail feat. Justin Timberlake Unneeded Justin and Nirvana additions stamped through randomly Picasso Baby A new sound, a new tax bracket. Humblebrag that Beyonce fucks good Tom Ford Make a molly song by shunning molly on hook. However, beat slaps.
Slava P slept easier after writing this. What’s the biggest problem with J.Cole? It depends on who you ask. For some, it’s the fact that he’s constantly compared to legends on a shaky precedent: he raps and produces, so he must be the new Kanye or he rhymes outside a first person perspective and tells […]
An Open Letter To Wale June 6, 2013
Slava P wrote this in lieu of herbal therapy. Hello Wale, are you there? It’s me, Slava. You might not remember me, but I remember you. We were first introduced in 2007 when I downloaded your mixtape, 100 Miles & Running off the strength of your Justice collaboration. I appreciated your punchy delivery and cheeky […]
Ask Slava P about hockey right now and you will get cross-checked. One day, in the not too distant future, we’ll look back on the A$AP Mob with fond memory. As your read this, there are no doubt children in high-school who are digesting every song in A$AP Rocky’s catalog, pouring over each lyric and […]
Slava P is better at Twitter than J Cole is at making you fall asleep.  If you were anywhere near a computer, you probably noticed that both J.Cole and Chance the Rapper released free mixtapes yesterday. It was the rap game analog to the NBA’s Rookie/Sophomore game. One team consisted of a player who has […]
Slava P invented Krav Maga. What’s the fastest way to become relevant after suffering through a popularity drought that’s taken hold of your career since 2005? In Ciara’s case, it’s as easy as riding on the coattails of the most popular act of 2013. And since most of the GBE kids were still riding tricycles […]
Slava P is the Wale fanclub founding member/victim. Believe it or not, Toronto is currently one of the most hip-hop locations in North America. A number of things play into this claim. There’s local incubators like The Remix Project (which helped Drake’s wingman 40 hone his skills) to our controversial battle-rap landscape which hosts competitions […]
Slava P ghost-writes for Rich Hil. When Jay Electronica released “Exhibit C” before falling off the face of the earth and feet-first into some royal British poontang, his message of hyper-intellectual chakra-rap went with him. Personally, what I missed most about him isn’t his metaphysical lyrical miracles, thanks in part to cats like Ab Soul […]
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Slava P had a pocket full of ass whoopings, but unfortunately, there was a hole in it. The only thing people can agree upon when talking about Lil Wayne is that he’s incredibly polarizing. This partially lies in the fact that he’s an easy target for criticism with his absurd fashion choices, unexplainable passion for […]