Jordan Pedersen UGHHHHHHHHHHH Seriously. SERIOUSLY??? Big Sean. BIG SEAN. THE RAP GAME FORREST GUMP. IS MAKING. REALLY GOOD RAP MUSIC. Okay, yes “IDFWU” was great. Call it a fluke. An outlier. Two standard deviations away from the mean. The exception that proves the rule. But “Blessings,” man. “Blessings.” This shit is just *good* full-stop: Big […]
Words by Jonah Bromwich.  Art by Brad Beatson Smarm is everywhere. Take Big Sean on “Control (HOF),” smarming it up like a pro. And if you go back and pay attention to Big Sean’s lyrics, he is a professional smarmer. “I’m over niggas sayin’ they’re the hottest niggas Then run to the hottest niggas just […]
Abe Beame is Mayor of Farmville. How important is it that your lyrics reflect reality? People have been arguing this since crack rap’s second Golden Age in the middle of the last decade.  50 Cent, survivor of 9 gunshot wounds was the biggest rapper in the world, and “international drug kingpin” Rick Ross had been […]
Slava P has his own shrine in Cooperstown dedicated to the art of haiku. Big Sean’s new album is called Hall of Fame, a title best interpreted as a lofty future goal. Bred to be the first rapper fully incubated in the GOOD bubble, Sean’s debut album Finally Famous earned a warm reception. It spawned […]
From here on out, to be “controlled” should replace “renegaded” as what happens when you shouldn’t let another rapper on your song for fear of incineration. K. Dot reminding everyone that he has a parking garage with a collage of everyone he despised from the moment he turned five. He mentions Kurupt and “Calling Out […]
Deen is the Nigerian Michael Bivins. So I woke up the the residue of niggas on my Twitter TL talking cracking jokes about something that sounded vaguely Drake related. So I did some crack research and VOILA – a new Drake single. Ironically titled, if I might add. If I’m being honest, I was kinda […]
By Deen
Slava P suffers for the world’s sins. Higher Hypnotic drums bears and expected skeltonics break down Sean’s big grind. 24k of Gold ft. J. Cole Whiny luxury. Truly a song that only Big Sean could create. Story by Common Weird uncle Common tells stories of visits to horrible wing spots
Deen believes music is like herpes: you never know when it will strike. I’ll be damned. If it isn’t Medium Sean switchin his steez up on us. Hate to admit it, but this shit kinda works. Now I completely understand that we (who are “we”?) aren’t supposed to admit to messing with Sean the Rapper’s […]
By Deen
Follow Abe Beame down the rabbit hole……..(II)……. In the late 90s, prior to Napster and the slightly more meritocratic system of Internet rap, there was a type of album that would drop roughly once a quarter. A rapper you’d never heard of before would suddenly make his presence known in the Source and radio with […]
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