I’d like to think this photo accurately captures my feeling when Roc Marciano agreed to be the guest on the latest episode of Shots Fired. As you have probably read 73 times on this site, we are all fans of the honorable Hempstead rapper who treats Lamborghinis like bumper cars. For this episode we discussed […]
Apologies for the relative inaction in these parts. I have been traveling and listening to the song on Yeezus that makes me want to listen to Mos Def’s “Traveling Man.” This is, of course, a lie because I only have time in my life to listen to ESGN and Run the Jewels and Migos (as […]
“West Coast rapper/producer Alexander Spit joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to discuss Psychedelic Rap. They’ll get into the roots of Psychedelic music, what is considered Psychedelic Rap, and which rappers were influenced through the use of Psychedelics. Plus, the guys talk about the first time they got high, burning out on Psychedelics, […]
With the mental acuity and punishing physical prowess of Kevin Sorbo in his prime, the new episode of Shots Fired addresses the “What If scenario.” Consider it part Sliders, part Plot Against America, part Earth-2. It looks at the ways in which rap history would be different if the space-time continuum had been altered in […]
The latest Shots Fired found Bonobo stepping into the Purple Room at Earwolf Studios. It’s theoretically named after Prince, but I have personally christened it after Killa Cam.  If you’re unfamiliar with the excellent English downtempo producer, you should right that by acquiring Black Sands and his new record, North Borders, that drops next month […]
For the last Shots Fired of the year, Nocando and I had on Paul Iannacchino as our guest. Paul is the director of “Adult Rappers,” a documentary film about what it’s like to be a grown man and still rapping. A good portion of the episode was spent making jokes about Brian Pumper, the only […]
Due to technical difficulties, which may or may not be technical, our Top 50 Hip Hop Songs and Best Albums list won’t drop until next week. What else can I do, all apologies. I believe Paul McCartney wrote that. As a minor recompense, there’s the new episode of Shots Fired, where Nocando and I talk […]
Because on Black Friday, there’s nothing less appropriate than a podcast devoted to white rappers. The Earwolf description is below because I can’t remember a word that I said: “Detroit DJ/producer House Shoes and LA rapper Busdriver join Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to discuss white rappers. The guys talk about the origins of […]
Should you not follow me on Twitter (the horror), you may not have noticed that I am hosting a new weekly podcast on the ferocious Ear Wolf network (Comedy Bang Bang, SklarBro Country, Totally Laime). My co-host is the irrepressible Nocando of Low End Theory and Hellfyre Club fame. The latest episode is live now, […]