MobbDeen has survived the Madden cover curse That awkward moment when you realize that you’re POTW’s resident Drake expert. SMH. My father was waaaay too dark for this to be my portion in life. Damn shame. But on to the matter at hand. So those of you that care about rap and remain capable of […]
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Max Bell throws barbs over laser discs of “Barb Wire.” To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, I dislike the Drake. Hate is a strong word, and there are more loathsome individuals on this rotating blue orb than an ex-Degrassi cast member turned rapper. More than anything, it’s that I don’t buy what Drake’s selling. He’s not sincere, […]
Chef Raekwon Bakes Marble Cake September 30, 2013
Harold Stallworth sips the Pora and listens to Cappadonna. Last Thursday, I made an impromptu visit to “Fuego,” a Maryland strip club nestled behind an industrial strip off Kenilworth Avenue. It’s the neapolitan ice cream of adult entertainment. Three different exotic dance troupes, divvied by ethnicity, take turns occupying the main stage in half-hour rotations. […]
Deen in the cut, that’s a scary site. It’s safe to say that Drake is the most social media savvy troll in music history. That’s the only logical explanation for this condensed Miami Vice episode masquerading as the music video for ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’. LOL. What the fuck is this shit. Maybe it’s […]
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Jonah Bromwich owns several Sunz of Man CDs. Over the last decade of pop-rap, superstars have often tended to use their album’s first single as a mission statement. Jay-Z’s “Change Clothes,” was derided as being a crappy, superficial single, but the song’s chorus and verses introduced The Black Album’s themes: a mature Jay, acknowledging his […]
Deen is the Nigerian Michael Bivins. So I woke up the the residue of niggas on my Twitter TL talking cracking jokes about something that sounded vaguely Drake related. So I did some crack research and VOILA – a new Drake single. Ironically titled, if I might add. If I’m being honest, I was kinda […]
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Jimmy Ness can tell you some stuff about Phuket. DJ Khaled should worry about new ideas, instead of new friends. He needs a crew that brings creative criticism to the studio rather than codeine. The “DJ” has used the same technique to make music for seven records- cram a bunch of relevant artists on a […]
Deen knows he’s not alone.  It’s a good thing that Drake is consistent. I’ve long been of the opinion that his best song to date remains the duet with The-Dream from his first album – ‘Shut It Down‘ – which is sorta surprising since I’m not sure if I think Drake can actually sing or […]
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Deen featuring Deen. It’s safe to say that Drake has earned the right to talk all the shit he occasionally rap-sings. I could parse the lyrics to “5AM In Toronto” line by line, but that strikes me as pointless. There may have been a time when he hadn’t done all the shit he brags about […]
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Slava P defeated Aubrey G in the 2005 Toronto Hebrew School Rap-Off. What do you do when you drop a just-okay single for your third album? Well, if you’re Aubrey Grahammy, you release some visuals that stretch your two minute song out to five-plus, all while profusely mentioning the city you grew up in (again) […]