Since I first wrote about RL Grime last year, the New York producer has blown up. How much? He wrangled R.L. Stine to do the drops on his Halloween mix. Then again, even if his remix of “Mercy” (alongside Salva) didn’t rack up half a million listens and probably become the most played trap song […]
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LOL Boys – Changes (Shlohmo remix) from Video Marsh on Vimeo. Credit Yung Shlohmo with the very rare ability to turn a song from a group called LOL Boys into a depressing dirge ideal for those drinking coffee in dark rooms, chain-smoking squares, and wandering around in a fugue state. The funny thing is, if […]
The Brown Noise ordinarily rumbles here. If you’ve paid attention to the mainstream media’s coverage of the California hip-hop scene over the past few years, you’d be forgiven if you thought that all the region had to offer rap-wise was a sea of Oakland slap hustlers, TDE, Odd Future wannabes, and post-hyphy skinny jean advocates.  […]
Last September, I wrote about RL Grime, a New York producer affiliated with the Wediditcollective, who makes “post-Joker London future bass music that breathes with the pulmonary smoothness of a non-smoker, and the hypnotic transitions of a chronic drug user.” His “Grapes Alla Vodka” has been a staple at the Low End Theory ever since, […]
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Had the horsemen in the WediditCollective any interest in pushing the crew narrative, I probably wouldn’t have to link to their website in the first sentence. You might know the principals better from their solo work: Shlohmo, Jonwayne, Zeroh, RL Grime. There’s more and all of them are interested in further blurring the line between […]