On the producer's latest project, he expands into singing and crooning, candidly tackling the complicated process of finding one's place in the world over his own cozy production, Chris Daly writes.
Chris Daly provides a walkthrough for Somni's debut record, "Bloom."
Chris Daly breaks down 'Tongue,' the excellent new LP from Anenon.
The Meditative Bliss of Anenon November 15, 2017
The first single from Anenon's gorgeous album, "Tongue," dropping in 2018 on FoF
Check out the first single from Friends of Friends signee COMBAT!.
Will Schube speaks with Brian Allen Simon—who records and performs under the name Anenon—about intellectualizing art, classical training, and running a label.
Max Bell is elsewhere. The beat scene and R&B were interwined long before people with waxed handlebar mustaches and perfectly coifed hair (undoubtedly) felt the need to ironically classify it as “PBR&B.” Whether it’s James Blake, How to Dress Well, or even some of the Weeknd’s muzak, the blending of the two won’t stop anytime […]
Aaron Frank is in favor of everlasting bass. It’s only been a few weeks since Perera Elsewhere (aka Sasha Perera) first emerged with her startlingly brilliant single “Bizarre.” Known to many as the lead singer of Berlin-based electronic trio Jahcoozi, Perera takes a more measured and relaxed approach to her solo work, particularly on “Bizarre,” […]
LOL Boys – Changes (Shlohmo remix) from Video Marsh on Vimeo. Credit Yung Shlohmo with the very rare ability to turn a song from a group called LOL Boys into a depressing dirge ideal for those drinking coffee in dark rooms, chain-smoking squares, and wandering around in a fugue state. The funny thing is, if […]