Son Raw takes a look at the surprising release from Zomby.
Burial & Zomby connect.
Son Raw – with trepidation Zomby might just be the most idiosyncratic producer of his generation, and that includes the ghost of Burial, the paladinesque Mala and the mercurial Shackleton. Whether trolling his twitter followers, indulging in high art or chastising the world for not recognizing the brilliance of street music from Jungle to Trap, […]
Paranoia seems to pervade every aspect of Zomby’s life, so I didn’t even attempt to go through his publicist to arrange this interview. Not only does he keep his identity a secret, he wouldn’t let his dog be included in a photograph, explaining that an ex-girlfriend had been stalking him. Considering the low probability, I […]
Sach O: Zomby’s Labyrinth December 1, 2011
Sach O kinda wishes this track had a Bowie sample. Zomby’s a weird dude. Unseen but always tweeting, dedicated to the future but still holding a torch for old school rave, constantly in demand but only occasionally making gigs. When he’s not busy chastising American reviewers for their take on British music, he’s reblogging chopped […]
Sach O’s wardrobe is provided by Adidas, Turntablelab and the Chatuchak market. Fuck that other shit. America, I don’t know if I’m pissed off at you or just disappointed right now but you’ve got to do better. This whole “hey let’s dress-up like our parents ate lead paint chips while we were in the womb” […]
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Despite the Walking Dead, Aaron Frank continues to endorse Zombies. Calling Zomby’s new album his best seems slightly inaccurate. By now, it’s clear that every release is more warped and innovative than its predecessor. Oddly enough, it doesn’t feel as if Zomby is “progressing,”  as much as uncovering another place within himself. In years past, […]
Sach O prefers his Pavilions Flux to Merriweather Post. Still haven’t listened to Panda Bear’s Tomboy, highly doubt I will. As important as Animal Collective are to other people, their whole pastoral, hippie, art-school thing never quite jibed with me and their electronic explorations never seemed that impressive when compared to say, Aphex Twin or […]