The Michigan rapper talks Louie, Juggalo's, working at a machine shop, and more.
Chris Daly has the illest costumes OK, admittedly, this may not be the first Halloween mix you hear this year. Hell, it might not even be the first one you cop from Passion of the Weiss (props to Evan). Let’s not kid ourselves, though, one can never have enough musical accompaniment for a night filled […]
Chris Daly rarely flares at the nostrils Come April 29th, Mello Music Group beatsmith Apollo Brown will drop his latest beast, Thirty Eight, an instrumental soundtrack that so far sounds like a crate digger’s dream for a movie that doesn’t exist, but I damn sure hope someone films. I don’t like to use press release […]
Max Bell’s destiny is reaching the keys.  Has-Lo’s debut LP In Case I Don’t Make It (below the jump) was one of the best albums of 2011. It’s a throwback that doesn’t feel derivative, overly nostalgic, or overly reverential. It’s something for modern hip-hop listeners and Philadelphians who’ve studied It Was Written and have entered the 36 […]
Catch Deen in Atlantic City, blowing nothing less than 50. I pride myself on listening to as much music as possible. If it’s on rap blog somewhere, I’ll probably listen to it. Time gets scarcer, but I think I make an honest effort to listen to as much new shit as possible while maintaining gainful […]
By Deen
Like Ka and Roc Marciano, there’s a patient painstakingly assembled quality to Has-Lo’s music. If you listen to it only once, you might even find it a bit boring. Has’ rarely modulates his voice, opting for a cool detachment, the lucid narrative eye triumphs over the bloodied combatant. It initially seems like aloofness, but upon […]