An Interview With Bad Zu July 20, 2023
Michael McKinney speaks to the Russian electronic music duo about the challenges of becoming a drummer/DJ duo, their relationship to global club music, COVID impacting their headspace and more.
She's Drunk's Physical EP is one of the more interestingly experimental dance releases that's landed in my inbox recently, one that avoids easy classifications and formulas in favor of an open-ended approach to urban music.
Son Raw is hard for the street, sicker for the club Another wot you call it moment is upon us, and this is where the nomenclature gets tricky. Her Records don’t make Grime but they’re riding that musical movement’s rising tide as well as any pure Grime producer. They aren’t from Jersey or Baltimore but […]
Anyone can release a single, but it takes a singular effort to catch the ears of DJs and tastemakers across an increasingly fractured musical spectrum. With Telo/Shiftin – out now on Crazylegs, Bristol-based producer Gage did just that, earning praise and spins from both the new school of producers reinventing forward-thinking club music, and from […]