French House in a theme park, thanks to DJJ and Crazylegs
An interview with the man behind one of Bristol's hottest new labels.
Hindsight being 20-20, Belfast-based producer Bloom's Quartz EP was a major line in the sand for instrumental Grime. The Hydraulics EP, his first release in over a year, pushes his industrial aesthetic to its breaking point.
August Grime wrap up August 15, 2014
Son Raw’s heading to the beach for a minute Once again, it’s on… First up, Bristol imprint Crazylegs continues to play mad scientist with UK dance music traditions, mixing and matching various tempos, styles and perspectives on each release. Ziro’s Lost featuring Trim is no exception and like Murlo’s remix of TRC’s Me and You […]
Anyone can release a single, but it takes a singular effort to catch the ears of DJs and tastemakers across an increasingly fractured musical spectrum. With Telo/Shiftin – out now on Crazylegs, Bristol-based producer Gage did just that, earning praise and spins from both the new school of producers reinventing forward-thinking club music, and from […]
Son Raw is looking for a new room. Is genre even remotely useful anymore? From its earliest days as a tool for segregating “race” and “hillbilly” music in shops to its current status as a driver of ultra-specificity in dance music (minimal-psy-breaks anyone?), subcategorizing music into neatly defined boundaries has created as many problems as […]