Son Raw makes a case for Bristol's oversaturated electronic scene.
See what the boys from Bristol and beyond have been up to this summer, and be on the look out for Part 2.
Son Raw wraps up his Bristol interview series by talking to Sector 7's Boofy and Lemzly Dale.
Son Raw talks with Bristol's Blacklink founder about his turn from blogger to label boss.
The next installment in our mix series comes straight outta Bristol, a city with both a long musical history (I'll spare you the rehash) and a vital role in contemporary Grime. OH91 is a certified badman producer with riddims blending the raw and aggressive side of classic Grime to contemporary Hip-Hop 808 booms and hi hat rolls - a combination that keeps things current without gussying up the proceedings.
An interview with the man behind one of Bristol's hottest new labels.
Son Raw is made entirely of vinyl With the word Grime seemingly getting stamped on every other track made with a squarewave or distorted 808 these days, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the real from the fake and the ready rock from the raw. While that means a whole of lot of corny vapourwave getting […]
Anyone can release a single, but it takes a singular effort to catch the ears of DJs and tastemakers across an increasingly fractured musical spectrum. With Telo/Shiftin – out now on Crazylegs, Bristol-based producer Gage did just that, earning praise and spins from both the new school of producers reinventing forward-thinking club music, and from […]
Sega Joker Drive September 3, 2013
Son Raw‘s smoking on that purple kush. You can call it a comeback. Joker’s first run of tunes in the late aughts was truly special, injecting a heavy dose of funk and color into a scene that was on the verge of drowning in its own darkness, but his subsequent pop-ambitions didn’t quite hit their […]