Will Schube breaks down the latest single from AD, the Maxo Kream-featuring "From the Block."
Ethan Davenport breaks down YG's recent hot streak.
Will Hagle takes a look at the Compton rap scene from the perspective of The Game's new album.
Add Boogie's latest tape to the collection of great music that's come out of L.A. and Long Beach in 2015.
Torii MacAdams is four five seconds from getting an iced coffee It’s February 9 and it’s 75 degrees. It’s not quite hot enough in L.A. for the mid-summer tradition of shootouts on the freeway, but it’s gang banging weather nonetheless. It’s a windows-down day, and to celebrate, Salva’s officially released his latest collaboration with Problem, […]
Brad Beatson turns down only for freedom.  In the summer, I’m looking to push play on a playlist and let it ride. It’s too beautiful out. And I know it’s inevitable that some drunken fingertips will hijack the music at some point to play what they want to. So this is my grand attempt at […]
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