Brad Beatson turns down only for freedom.  In the summer, I’m looking to push play on a playlist and let it ride. It’s too beautiful out. And I know it’s inevitable that some drunken fingertips will hijack the music at some point to play what they want to. So this is my grand attempt at […]
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Son Raw makes 2 Live Crew look like some Mormons. Danny Brown ended XXX with a pained howl that would have made a fitting epigraph had drugs, violence or jail snuffed out his promising rap career. Thing is, that didn’t happen. Against all odds, the skinny jeans-wearing backpack-rapper with a blown out haircut and encyclopedic […]
Danny Brown: the only rapper to make a molly song that references “Da Dip” and Mac Dre’s thizz face. To quote Son Raw: he sounds like the only rapper who has ever actually done molly. And Skyywalker sounds like the only producer who has done molly. I also anticipate this being a major anthem for […]
Danny Brown channels ODB August 28, 2013
Son Raw can relate to your album title, bruh bruh The march towards OLD begins, laying to rest any doubts regarding Danny Brown’s focus. Much has been made of DB’s Fool’s Gold assisted, dance-music backed rise to fame since XXX, with a conservative faction decrying his shift towards higher tempos and molly music. Personally, I’m […]
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