Will Schube pays tribute to the epochal indie-rock label, which celebrates 30 years of business in 2019.
Douglas Martin's Dirty Shoes returns with a look at No Age's new LP, 'Snares Like a Haircut.'
Will Schube is the rhyme regulator/mic manipulator My favorite artists tend to be those whom have a deep and intense respect for the technical aspects of their crafts: the filmmakers who can give every sort of detail about their favorite childhood films or the musicians who can rattle off the list of snare drums used […]
Will Schube usually be holding Tim Presley doesn’t spend much time dawdling on “Like That”, his latest single under the White Fence moniker. Within seconds, Presley’s finely tuned machine is off and running. It packs serious punch in its less-than-three-minutes run time. A brief guitar introduction (reminiscent of Girls’ “Lust for Life”) immediately gives way […]
Ty Segall on Sugar Hill August 13, 2012
In which Ty Segall comes through stunning. This sounds like a John Lennon cover of Beck’s “Devils Haircut.” The ethereal acid-jangled vocals, snarling guitars, and pumping piston drums. When I interviewed Tim Presley of White Fence, he told me that he firmly believed that Segall was that dude. Of course, indie rock guys doesn’t use […]