Will Schube speaks with Brian Allen Simon—who records and performs under the name Anenon—about intellectualizing art, classical training, and running a label.
Pumpkin via Figueroa Newton, courtesy of this post from the indefatigable Shea Serrano Last Friday, I was invited to Dublab to do a two hour guest set. Since I’m only 13 (but my mind is old), I devoted the mix to hip hop songs inclined towards All Hallows Eve. Predictably, there was a lot of […]
Light From Los Angeles: JULIA HOLTER + NITE JEWEL from dublab on Vimeo. Ticket giveaways are worthless unless you’d want to go yourself. However, if you want to assassinate me via polonium-laced Lagunitas beer, the place to do it is at Dublab’s 13 Anniversary Party this Saturday. It will be held at Freak City, the […]