Ben Grenrock takes a look at 'Time Flying Beats,' the new LP from Matthewdavid.
The Best Ambient Music of 2016 December 19, 2016
Sam Ribakoff breaks down the best ambient releases of 2016, aiming to use these albums to find strength in the year ahead.
milo, RYAT, and Matthewdavid all guest on Botany's upcoming release.
Peter Holslin thinks cassette tapes are sexy I’m picturing a bedroom on the moon. Two lovers are tangled on a purple divan. Tendrils of burning sage float in zero gravity. And on a dresser-drawer, a Sony Walkman ripples with the New Age R&B love vibes of Matthewdavid’s new album, In My World. The beat-maker born […]
Aaron Frank is just another case about the wrong path Every year, as the weather gets warmer, I always find myself trying to get outside more often to enjoy it. But with climate change destroying the weather patterns I grew accustomed to in my youth, spring essentially ceases to exist. In its place is a […]
Peter Holslin wears a wizard hat to work When archeologists of the future set out to make sense of today’s enormous data piles, they might be puzzled by “In My World,” the title track off of L.A. beatmaker Matthewdavid’s forthcoming album on Brainfeeder (out July 1). A laid-back soul jam of delay-infused drums, rippling glitch […]
The Cyclist – Visions from Leaving Records on Vimeo. This is the first video from the Leaving Records/Stones Throw Dual Form compilation that I profiled in the LA Weekly last week, along with a look at label bossman, Matthewdavid. “Visions” might be my favorite track on the record, partially because it reminds me of Pantha […]
Light From Los Angeles: JULIA HOLTER + NITE JEWEL from dublab on Vimeo. Ticket giveaways are worthless unless you’d want to go yourself. However, if you want to assassinate me via polonium-laced Lagunitas beer, the place to do it is at Dublab’s 13 Anniversary Party this Saturday. It will be held at Freak City, the […]