Thomas Johnson breaks down rap's sexiest song, Run the Jewels' "Love Again."
Torii MacAdams once had Defari as a substitue teacher Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from Gangsta Boo, the First Lady of Memphis Rap. Wait, that’s actually not true. I may have an English literature degree buried under books at my mom’s house, but, I swore that my education and edification didn’t have to stop when […]
Jimmy Ness ain’t no Ken. Gangsta Boo ain’t no Barbie. One of the south’s premier female MCs, Lola Mitchell spit vicious rhymes as a part of legendary Memphis crunk pioneers, Three-6 Mafia. Her tough attitude and witty lyrics backed by her trademark “Yeah, hoe!” ad-lib earned the respect of peers and fans. Boo appeared on […]