Dirty Shoes returns with a look at A. Savage's solo debut, 'Thawing Dawn.'
Douglas Martin takes a look at the unlikely collaboration between Parquet Courts and Bun B.
Will Schube takes a look at "Berlin Got Blurry," the excellent first single from Parquet Courts' equally great Human Performance.
Why the new Parquet Courts EP fails to live up to the band's high standards.
Douglas Martin examines the band with more aliases than Method Man, Parquet Courts, and their new album as their pseudonym Parkay Quarts
  Will Schube’s grit and determination will start Game 7 for the Kansas City Royals Having seemingly exhausted the pervasive Velvet Underground influence, Parquet Courts have re-invented themselves as Parkay Quarts and are now intent on exploring the sonic multitudes of Bob Dylan. Well, it’s not quite so simple, but the band has never been […]
I. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO INDIE-ROCK? It’s telling that Parquet Courts are routinely described as a “punk” or “punk-influenced” band instead of an indie-rock group, because we’ve rendered the term absolutely useless. We’ve left it for the mainstream types to use the term on groups as disparate as Grizzly Bear and Beach House. Instead, the more […]
Douglas Martin deletes stress like Motrin. Sometimes being young and perpetually stoned offers an edge on writing about life. Sometimes it’s a lot more fun to be older and perpetually stoned (shout out to George Christopher). Being in your twenties and struggling to carve out a satisfying artistic existence between day jobs and blunts is […]