Donna-Claire catches up with Chicago legend Twista about the city itself, bridging the gaps between young and old,
Kyle Ellison has an extensive knowledge of rap songs that feature violins.  It’s hard to ignore the underlying tragedy of a rapper whose best music was made in the ’90s releasing a project called Back to Basics. Generally, the explicit avowal of a return to form is a sign of creative bankruptcy. The artist has spent a few […]
Jordan Pedersen is still in love with the violin player from the “Overnight Celebrity” video. For some reason, I find that I like to scowl through my day: I try to avoid being a total dick to my coworkers, but work can be dumb, the weather in Chicago is fucking terrible, and SERIOUSLY MY LIFE […]
Somewhere in America, there is an unseen silent minority of crestfallen men whose girlfriends have left them for Juicy J and/or Twista. Maybe a support group is in order. This is what you get for dating ratchets. You already know about Juicy J’s lack of ratchet restraint.  To employ the words of Ghostface: you’re goddamn […]