On 'Heat,' Novelist and Shailan use low-end bass lines, retro synths and white noise to portray the dog-eat-dog world of London, while channelling the Michael Mann classic.
Novelist, YGG, President T, Maxsta prod. by Maniac, DJ Cable ft. Mez, and JME bring the fire this month.
Weighing in on Novelist's recent departure from The Square, and the best tracks in vocal grime from the past few weeks
Alex Piyevsky used to play the corners for dough I am currently stuck in California, enjoying extra vacation time as the snow storm pummels New York and destroys all chances of flying home.  There are worse predicaments to be in, but I do feel a little out of touch.  I’ve spent the past 10 days […]
2015: Year of the Novelist January 20, 2015
2015 is Novelist's to lose. He's got top producers in his corner, the game's biggest independent labels backing him and a flow accessible to a generation that's more Piratebay than Pirate Radio. No pressure.
Son Raw apparently skipped June. It’s been a heavy month (and then some) since my last Bass music wrap up, and the new wave of artists combining Jungle’s rhythmic shifts, Eski’s stark intensity, and Dubstep’s bassweight shows no sign of slacking. In fact, I had to divide this update into two posts, for fear of […]
Son Raw’s arrival in London is imminent. It’s been a hard couple of years for London emcees. For every P-Money launching his career there are 10 no-names spitting bars on Youtube and for every German Whip, there’s 10 bait trap tunes that do little but replicate the Atlanta sound with a different accent. Throw in […]
We’re living in the Golden Age of Son Raw No “1 DJ and 1 MC” nostalgia here – strictly up to the minute vibrations. While I’m a big fan of the adlibs, multiple flows and harmonizing that go on in contemporary Hip-Hop, there’s a tangible energy that you only get through live rapping and hour […]
Novelist enters the Yard February 7, 2014
Son Raw hit you with TSSS TSSS! Zha, whose mixtape I recently shared, is starting a new Youtube series highlighting up and coming emcees. Now I usually wouldn’t post a freestyle video, lord knows there’s enough sites dedicated those if you want to trawl through gigs worth of aspiring rappers, but once he roped in […]
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