Son Raw covers the best in grime and club music for April including SRC, Fresh Paul, Skepta and Snø Recordings.
Butterz' latest Scars EP feels particularly significant, since it positions the imprint as a connector between the old school and new.
On Snakes and Lad.ders, Grime’s godfather bats way above average, delivering an album that stays true to the sound he’s created while celebrating its success.
Grip It! Wiley “On a Level” September 30, 2014
  Kyle Ellison has the cheat code swag Reliability isn’t a quality often attributed to Richard Cowie, but over the right grime beat there are few if any more bankable. Okay, so Wiley’s attendance sheet has more than a few gaps and his brilliance is never likely to be captured on a record you can […]
Son Raw is back on his bizzy A tension between sonic variety and cohesiveness is the lifeblood of a music scene. Too much similarity and things get formulaic – think Brostep, Arena Drum & Bass or bone-dry Tech House. Open things up too much however, and you’re likely to hear artists writing concept albums about […]
Son Raw wrote up this damn list himself. Duh ha, duh ha, you never thought that this weird instrumental Grime music I started writing about in 2010 would take it this far! And to be honest, neither did I: 2013 was an outstanding year for Grime and Grime-related music, so much so that it’s been […]
Son Raw has to wear gloves from now through April Wiley continues his streak as Grime’s most interesting man. Combine Nas’ love for the genre he elevated, Pharell’s production at its most alien, Lil Wayne’s propensity for releasing way too much music and the kind of contrarian streak that has a man dissing Glastonbury while […]
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