Will Hagle explores the final tracks by artists before their untimely deaths.
Max Bell always preferred Allen Iverson. Today marks the re-release of Shaquille O’Neal’s rookie-season Reeboks shoes, The Shaq Attaq. If I had some disposable income—$160, plus tax—I’d be outside of Footlocker with my lawn chair and G-Pen like all of the other sneaker heads. Instead, I’ve settled for DJ Goulet’s (that one) commemorative Shaq Attaq mix, which […]
Puff Daddy and BIG head to London in March of 1995. Puff immediately tells the crowd of the Hammersmith Palais that this is a “celebration of being black.” Then he brags about having all the champagne and then they detonate into “Who Shot Ya.” Then Biggie raps over the remixes to “Real Love” and his […]
So the summary speaketh: Chicago bred rapper Open Mike Eagle joins Nocando and Jeff Weiss this week to discuss Mount Rapmore AKA Biggie, 2pac, Nas, and Jay-Z. The guys define each rapper’s style, talk about the importance of street anthems & pop singles, ask who had the best sense of humor, and describe which was […]