Son Raw hopped on a Zoom call with the three podcasters of a certain age to talk about the current music landscape, aging gracefully in hip-hop and more.
The episode title of the latest Shots Fired is “Mazel Tov, My Nigga.” I don’t feel comfortable writing that in a headline and I barely feel okay with typing it in the body of a blog post. I suppose that’s the underlying point of an episode devoted to race in hip-hop and the awkward moments […]
Because on Black Friday, there’s nothing less appropriate than a podcast devoted to white rappers. The Earwolf description is below because I can’t remember a word that I said: “Detroit DJ/producer House Shoes and LA rapper Busdriver join Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to discuss white rappers. The guys talk about the origins of […]
The third episode of the Shots Fired Podcast with myself and Nocando is now live. I’ll let the show description do the leg work: “On this week’s episode of Shots Fired, Jeff Weiss & Nocando discuss the phenomenon of ratchet. The duo talk about the many definitions of ratchet, Lil Boosie’s connection to the origin […]
Should you not follow me on Twitter (the horror), you may not have noticed that I am hosting a new weekly podcast on the ferocious Ear Wolf network (Comedy Bang Bang, SklarBro Country, Totally Laime). My co-host is the irrepressible Nocando of Low End Theory and Hellfyre Club fame. The latest episode is live now, […]
For the last seven years, the Aquarium Drunkard has lived by the credo: just the good shit. This not only explains his fandom of “Expensive Shit,” but also the way in which his blog avoids ephemeral trends and any desire to fit into whatever bullshit you’re being told is brilliant this week.  A quintessential example […]
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Back from a five month hiatus comes the Low End Theory podcast. DJ Nobody drops the trappingest mix in the history of trapezia. Trapezia is a land populated by powder-colored Brits who worship at the feet of Waka Flocka. Reverse colonialism, y’all.  On the low, Nobody was first on that wave, even if I think […]