Shots Fired, now with 83 percent more video. The above clip is courtesy of Mike Campbell, who cannot be killed by conventional rapper rants. This week’s episode features Busdriver and Milo in honor of the release of “Dorner Vs. Tookie.” We talk about the rise of light-skinned rappers, babble about Future and Rich Homie Quan, […]
For the latest Shots Fired, we welcomed The Far East Movement, the LA rap trio most famous for “Like a G6,” “Girls on the Dance Floor,” and for being the first Asian-American rap group to ever realize mainstream success. This site and reader tastes usually run counter-clockwise to pop music, but I think you should […]
This photo screams for a caption contest. That’s what the comment section is for. As for me, I’m suffering from an overdose of Jay Jean Michael this week, what with my review at MTV Hive and the latest episode of Shots Fired. This one was originally supposed to feature Aceyalone, but there was a communication […]
Max Bell was a Blowedian in a past life. If Busdriver is the adenoidal vocal gymnast and Open Mike Eagle is the smooth and laid back “dark-skinned art baron,” then Nocando is the man in the middle (and the man at the helm of Hellfyre Club), with Busdriver’s seemingly inexhaustible energy and Mike’s ability to […]
Inspired by a last minute cancellation and the enduring reality that all rappers are lead singers (and most have lead singer syndrome), the latest episode of Shots Fired features myself, Nocando, and our guests Open Mike Eagle and Taurus Scott talking about rappers who live on their own time, how fame effects a rapper’s ego, […]
With the mental acuity and punishing physical prowess of Kevin Sorbo in his prime, the new episode of Shots Fired addresses the “What If scenario.” Consider it part Sliders, part Plot Against America, part Earth-2. It looks at the ways in which rap history would be different if the space-time continuum had been altered in […]
In what might be the appropriate guest for a podcast named Shots Fired, we had Gangsta Gibbs on this week’s episode. Since Freddie is on the short-list of both best rappers breathing and most knowledgeable sports fans, it seemed only natural that he would help us break down the history of athletes trying to rap. […]
The episode title of the latest Shots Fired is “Mazel Tov, My Nigga.” I don’t feel comfortable writing that in a headline and I barely feel okay with typing it in the body of a blog post. I suppose that’s the underlying point of an episode devoted to race in hip-hop and the awkward moments […]
Should you not follow me on Twitter (the horror), you may not have noticed that I am hosting a new weekly podcast on the ferocious Ear Wolf network (Comedy Bang Bang, SklarBro Country, Totally Laime). My co-host is the irrepressible Nocando of Low End Theory and Hellfyre Club fame. The latest episode is live now, […]