After two decades scribbling words and searching for sounds, veteran artists are inevitably backed into one of two corners. You can update your classic template to prevailing trends, which usually results in disaster unless you’ve mastered the art of the swag dracula (Jay Z) or the art of the absurd (a la Snoop Dogg). Option […]
Dewey Decibel is freestyling right now over coffee and brunch This summer mix is a compilation of my top played tracks in my iTunes right now, an eclectic mixture of tracks that I have been banging on the regular. There is usually a track that comes along while I am grinding on some graphic design […]
The Souls of Mischief Mixes October 10, 2013
Max Bell has a Hieroglyphics baseball bat.  Jeff’s already said all that need be said about Souls of Mischief  and their canonical LP 93 ’til Infinity (read here), which is 20 years young and still worth many cab fares, a concert review, and more. Thus, though the words Bridget, frigid, and midget are forever linked in […]