Continuing Son Raw’s look back at 12 of the most interesting and impactful albums of the year 2000. The April edition was slightly late because… pandemic.
Dewey Decibel is freestyling right now over coffee and brunch This summer mix is a compilation of my top played tracks in my iTunes right now, an eclectic mixture of tracks that I have been banging on the regular. There is usually a track that comes along while I am grinding on some graphic design […]
Quas, the only man I will ever call “Lord.” No apologies to Solar. The Madlib Invazion carries over to Finland and Romania in order to obtain that inexpensive gypsy labor. Only in the second world can a man buy drive-thru vinyl from a monster. Drug deals are even easier, which goes better with the music. […]
Jonah Bromwich sees the shadows of tomorrow. If I had to pick an artist that I thought people might be listening to fifty years from now, I’d give serious consideration to Madlib. For one thing, there’s the prolificacy—when you put out thirteen albums in a single year, you’re significantly multiplying the chances that someone is […]