Patrick Johnson speaks to the multi-instrumentalist about his powerful new work 'The American Negro' and finding optimism in a nation that often lacks humanity.
Art by Guus Krol 28HundredMedia is the army, better yet the navy My video production partner and I met Adrian Younge in a Midtown Manhattan hotel with a lobby that looked like it was decorated by Daft Punk and Don Draper’s lovechild. After failing to find a suitable interview spot in the public area of […]
After two decades scribbling words and searching for sounds, veteran artists are inevitably backed into one of two corners. You can update your classic template to prevailing trends, which usually results in disaster unless you’ve mastered the art of the swag dracula (Jay Z) or the art of the absurd (a la Snoop Dogg). Option […]
Dewey Decibel is freestyling right now over coffee and brunch This summer mix is a compilation of my top played tracks in my iTunes right now, an eclectic mixture of tracks that I have been banging on the regular. There is usually a track that comes along while I am grinding on some graphic design […]
Joshua Lerner is mighty healthy. Shit moves quickly on Twelve Reasons to Die. When “An Unexpected Call (The Set Up)” begins, our hero Pretty Tony is knocked out by men in the backseat of his girlfriend’s car. One line later, he wakes up in a “melting pot” in the DeLuca family compound. By the end […]
Rap game flooded with a deluge of “5 AM in Toronto” freestyles. Exercise some creativity. Pick up your pickaxe. Dig up some dirt. Ring Zilla Rocca, throwing right hand hooks like Rocky, the real Rocky, over Gaslamp Killer and Adrian Younge’s Veteran’s Day distortion. A few people didn’t get GLK’s last record. A comment section […]
In the words of the honorable Clifford Smith describing my all-time favorite chef: this is some marvelous shit. Adrian Younge, psychedelic soul satrap, meets up with the Delfonics to wring new life out of their amber-preserved vocal cords. This is somewhere between “Hey There, Lonely Girl” and The Temptations’ Psychedelic Shack, or maybe it is […]