Slava P bought a tomb next to Howard Zinn after listening to this album. Ayesha Says (Intro) Familiar qualms offered by poetic sis: like angry Wale. Strange Fruition feat. Casey Benjamin White guilt overload over deconstructed strings and loose metaphors. ITAL (Roses) Pedantic lectures: pseudo-intellectual rap-pleas & pander
Don’t even talk to Slava P about fashion. He wrote the entire third season of Project Runway. In Sao Paolo, Brazil, there exists a luxury fashion emporium called Daslu. In 1979, the founder of Daslu, Eliana Tranchesi, began making and selling clothes from home, eventually going on to rent out the neighboring houses to keep […]
Slava P suffers for the world’s sins. Higher Hypnotic drums bears and expected skeltonics break down Sean’s big grind. 24k of Gold ft. J. Cole Whiny luxury. Truly a song that only Big Sean could create. Story by Common Weird uncle Common tells stories of visits to horrible wing spots
Slava P’s main problem is avoiding saying “Fuck DJ Khaled” in the last line of every haiku. So Dedicated feat. Birdman Start off strong; talk of refrigerated semen. The tone has been set. Same Damn Tune Pornographic bars detail exploits that no one asked to hear about. Cashed Out Poignant questions asked: “Who the fuck […]
Slava P occasionally gets J.R.R. Tolkien confused with Ace Hood. Shout Out To The Real – Meek Mill/ Ace Hood/ Piles An energetic trap jam — “over-trapped” by the addition of Piles Bitches And Bottles – Future/ T.I./ Lil’ Wayne Turn’ ignorance up. Legends (and Future) spit bars of no consequence I Wish You Would […]
Slava P dances like a white man with the confidence of a Ukranian man. With a name change and a new career Tity’s album is finally here Some hits were expected and it’s far from perfected but don’t expect play past this year Yuck feat. Lil’ Wayne Hurried strings and kicks lift extension cord punchlines […]
Slava P is just saying that this album has a John Mayer guest spot. Start Playstation noises. All “classic” albums begin with a short intro. Thinking About You Same vocals, third mix. Callow, endearing lyrics. But over-produced. Fertilizer Flipping through channels, a commercial for shit. Or, a love song. Or both. Sierra Leone Sleepy and […]
Slava P listened to Chris Brown so you don’t have to. Turn Up The Music Retchingly catchy. Nonsensical screams backed by electro-pop drums. Bassline Cocky Breezy time. Is ‘Bassline’ Chris’ brand new name for his penis? Till I Die feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa The three amigos rap about smoking more pounds than their […]