List composed by Max Bell to the tune of… People Like Lists (So Meta) 40 rappers who changed their names. #SnoopLionRises The 10 best lines from God Forgives, I Don’t. “Fabricate bout…” whatever, apparently. #3Stacks 50 best indie covers of classic rock songs. I’m partial to My Morning Jacket’s rendition of “Rocket […]
Max Bell composed this list while in the Bay. People Like Lists (So Meta) Complex gives us 100 of Kanye’s best. #ILikedHisFirstAlbum Mick Jagger photos. #HowDoesItFeel 10 Bad Rapper Nicknames. #BoosieBoo The Smoking Section offers up Jay’s 10 best guest appearances. #Fiesta
Another list from Max Bell. People Like Lists (So Meta) 50 Greatest Batman Gadgets. Yes, more Batman. I pray it never ends. #BatsInTheBelfry The people who wear Supreme. #HypeBeast 80 from the 80s. #SneakerFreaker P&P offers a list of the 10 most important West Coast indie hip-hop acts. #LetTheMadnessBegin Meme’s […]