Alexy Piyevsky feels the breeze in the West Indies Here is the second installment of my Duke Bloggin reggae compilation series. Unlike the first volume, this one had no specific theme or aesthetic inspiration in mind. Instead it’s an eclectic collection of new or newly discovered songs I have recently enjoyed, mixed in with a […]
Alex Piyevsky is independent, fuck your system. This happened in the most organic way possible.  A week ago, I came home after visiting my weed guy (s/o to H.), started sampling the wares, and turned on one of the stoniest rap oddities I know – a chopped & screwed blend of Sade’s “Smooth Operator” and […]
List composed by Max Bell to the tune of… People Like Lists (So Meta) 40 rappers who changed their names. #SnoopLionRises The 10 best lines from God Forgives, I Don’t. “Fabricate bout…” whatever, apparently. #3Stacks 50 best indie covers of classic rock songs. I’m partial to My Morning Jacket’s rendition of “Rocket […]
Max Bell composed this list while in the Bay. People Like Lists (So Meta) Complex gives us 100 of Kanye’s best. #ILikedHisFirstAlbum Mick Jagger photos. #HowDoesItFeel 10 Bad Rapper Nicknames. #BoosieBoo The Smoking Section offers up Jay’s 10 best guest appearances. #Fiesta
Another list from Max Bell. People Like Lists (So Meta) 50 Greatest Batman Gadgets. Yes, more Batman. I pray it never ends. #BatsInTheBelfry The people who wear Supreme. #HypeBeast 80 from the 80s. #SneakerFreaker P&P offers a list of the 10 most important West Coast indie hip-hop acts. #LetTheMadnessBegin Meme’s […]
This list was compiled by Max Bell atop Sugar Hill. People Like Lists (So Meta) Band name origins…kinda. #WhoWould’veThought Top Clams Casino Concoctions. #SomePeopleListenToThis Books about graffiti that you should read…or look at. #VanguardVandals Hip-hop “artists” hit Instagram. #JeffWeissWillUnfollowYou Complex outs a bunch of guys who you kind of remember. #Wasted […]
Links compiled by Max Bell. Inspiration via Grand Puba. People Like Lists (So Meta): In which Complex continues to suck us in with their lists, surely disappointing some and vindicating others, giving Ross the #1 spot and listing albums that have yet to be released. #AnotherComplexList In which Potholes offers a brief counter […]