Son Raw’s making loot like Marvel comic books, for his survival Montreal’s a hard partying city, a fact that keeps many a producer too exhausted from gigging to truly hunker down and create tracks of real value. There’s a reason you’re not likely to find Lunice or Jacques Greene out on the town too often […]
Jonah Bromwich invented Sea Pop. What if I were to tell you that Rainbow Dolphins was a good name for an album? Or at least, putting aside that it is possibly the silliest EP title of the current century, that Rainbow Dolphins is a fitting name — one that actually describes the album’s sound. Like, […]
Son Raw has climbed mountains but owns no electric guitars. Lots of interesting things happening on the margins in Montreal. A few months ago the Dubstep crowds and Bass-House kids couldn’t have been further apart musically, the former insisting on heavy-octane riffs and the later on a mix of 4×4 thumps and 10 year old […]