Son Raw takes a look at new ones from Sir Spyro, Jammz, Sir Pixalot, and more.
New Bristol-based label Blacklink Sound launches with a free compilation.
Son Raw talks to Melbourne's Air Max '97, repping the Tropical Waste Crew, synthesizing club and bass in singular ways.
Son Raw speaks to Coyote Records about their latest compilation, and the inspirations behind their tracks.
Son Raw is bringing back the wrap up in a desperate attempt to catch up on some great music that didn't get posted. He sacrifices his lifestyle so you don't have to.
What is instrumental music about? It’s a question I struggle with when reviewing beats because fundamentally, the answer is nothing. Yet as humans (or barring that, music writers) we constantly search for meaning and representation in sounds that are completely abstract, to make sense of the emotions they conjure in us.
Instant Son Raw – just add beer. I’ll spare you the Rakim line – suffice to say that since I last wrote a round up post, a whole lot of releases and mixes have grabbed my attention and now you get to reap the benefits. The theme this week is dynamic opposites: artists, labels and […]
Son Raw will be in the UK in May and in Europe early June. He is willing to DJ something that isn’t Techno or Deep House for a reasonable fee. Contact him on twitter if you’re interested. I was actually thinking of skipping my column since I’d already covered this week’s big releases, but there’s […]