Hesk clears the vaults August 6, 2014
┬áSon Raw‘s current mood: Flowdan vocal The Montreal-based producer known as Hesk has evolved into the Torontonian known as 6Maka6. While my hometown misses him dearly and he no longer has access to Romados chicken, it’s hard to argue with the results, as his razor-sharp club tracks have reached an a growing audience while his […]
Hesk – At Night October 29, 2012
Son Raw could use more heartbroken Juke n’ B right now Much like The Biz, Hesk never sleeps. Even while on vacay in his native Netherlands and smoking the finest of ganjes, he still finds the time to drop some limited downloads for the Footwork massive. At Night flips a soulful R&B sample into dream-pop […]
Hesk & Paveun React October 8, 2012
Son Raw strongly identifies with this video. The underground music media does an absolutely horrible job of representing Montreal to the outside world. Whether it’s promoting hirsute and impish non-factors or confusing acts at hi-concept techno-tourist festivals* for stuff that gets played here on a regular basis, any coverage this city receives promotes a distorted […]
Son Raw: reppin MTL since 1984 but is not affiliated with this label. Montreal label Raw Records’ free debut compilation is a couple of things: a collection of sick up to the minute beats, a major step up for the local bass music scene and a perhaps a tipping point for a couple of talented […]
Son Raw has climbed mountains but owns no electric guitars. Lots of interesting things happening on the margins in Montreal. A few months ago the Dubstep crowds and Bass-House kids couldn’t have been further apart musically, the former insisting on heavy-octane riffs and the later on a mix of 4×4 thumps and 10 year old […]