In honor of it finally becoming available on streaming services, Jeff Weiss pays tribute to Webbie's "Savage Life"
The Boosie Lifestyle August 2, 2014
Boosie is one of the greatest because few rappers are more governed by their moods. The original Thug and Birdman version is a joyous celebration reminiscent of the Cash Money Hot Boys and Mannie Fresh era. The Bad Azz G-Mix could’ve been anything ranging from a euphoric yelp about newfound freedom to the most sinister […]
Should you ever question the devotion of Boosie fans, watch the above video of Bad Azz performing “Set It Off” in Cashville. He doesn’t even need to rap, they roar back every word. During my savage life sabbatical in BR, I played “Set it Off” for a pair of girls, who looked at me and […]
The first post-prison Lil Boosie video means a perfunctory post. Fun trivial fact: I was actually supposed to be at the “Show the World” video shoot, but the first date got rained out and I had to fly back to LA. Lamentably, I wasn’t called in to cameo in the Jordan Downs video shoot but […]