In honor of it finally becoming available on streaming services, Jeff Weiss pays tribute to Webbie's "Savage Life"
The first post-prison Lil Boosie video means a perfunctory post. Fun trivial fact: I was actually supposed to be at the “Show the World” video shoot, but the first date got rained out and I had to fly back to LA. Lamentably, I wasn’t called in to cameo in the Jordan Downs video shoot but […]
2013 has regrettably arrived and vanished without a single 10-year anniversary article on Ghetto Stories, the album that broke Webbie and Boosie outside of Louisiana. I understand it’s not easy to wrangle Mel and Turk, Webbie or Boosie, but someone could’ve at least called up Mouse on tha Track to rattle off a few memories. […]
If I were to say that Trill Entertainment and Stones Throw were the two best independent hip-hop labels of the last decade, it would not be an insane suggestion. The picture above depicts the heyday of the Baton Rouge imprint run by Mel and Turk, since relocated to Atlanta and for all practical purposes, a […]