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The DJ Mustard protege stakes his claim as one of LA's best new rappers to watch.
Kyle Ellison waves his finger in the air for slang prostitution It might have been Kanye playing coach in the video for ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’, but if Big Sean knows what’s good for him he’ll take his advice from the guy in the commentary box. E-40 has stayed fresh throughout three decades, outlived […]
Kyle Ellison hasn’t worn pink since Cam left the Roc. We’re now ten months into 2014 and the only Cash Money record you can buy in stores is the ironically titled Young Money compilation, Rise of an Empire. Tha Carter V is missing in action, The Pinkprint has been pushed back again and Tyga is being kept […]
Kyle Ellison is on that Bronx smooth ish Kanye is known for having a receptive ear, but it’s fair to say that Hudson Mohawke’s road to G.O.O.D. Music would have been rockier had it not been for TNGHT. The two producers share some DNA – or rather HudMo grew up on West and Just Blaze, […]
Grip It! Wiley “On a Level” September 30, 2014
  Kyle Ellison has the cheat code swag Reliability isn’t a quality often attributed to Richard Cowie, but over the right grime beat there are few if any more bankable. Okay, so Wiley’s attendance sheet has more than a few gaps and his brilliance is never likely to be captured on a record you can […]
Kyle Ellison loves the Top Gun soundtrack A breakout hit on the scale of Chance’s Acid Rap doesn’t just burn bright and fade away, its embers continue to crackle and spark. Eventually they’ll settle, but in the meantime it’s just as likely that the wind will change and reignite flickers into flames. Before I run […]
Kyle Ellison wants to retire on a yacht called the SS Minnow Approximately 95% of songs written ‘for the ladies’ are not for the ladies. Aside from the fact that they’re mostly trite, box-ticking 3rd singles written in pursuit of groupies, record sales or both, it’s a reductive concept before pen even touches paper. It […]
Kyle Ellison carried Sergio Flores’ saxophone for 15 years Future has been brushing shoulders with the stars at Club Tropicana for a minute, but he still can’t get love from King George. I needn’t spill any more ink over The Wham Rap – its place in the hip hop history books secured. George Michael was […]
Kyle Ellison asks you to take off that necklace Nice N Smooth Ka has been spoiling us lately and he knows it. Having dropped back-to-back masterpieces in 2012 and 2013, the Brownsville lyricist looked up and saw that he had disciples – and what fun is having disciples if you can’t make them work a […]
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