A$AP Rocky on Message August 27, 2013
A$AP Rocky is bound to be the least accurately rated rapper of his generation. The awkward VMA appearance and tendency to constantly pick fistfights with security guards, fans, and camera men don’t do him any favors. He’s either considered a carpetbagger stealing from Memphis and Houston or the New York savior by kids who think […]
Son Raw is gonna bring back Bounty Killer What does it say about the state of rap when partying  in a mansion no working man could ever afford feels like a quaint throwback to kinder, simpler days? Don’t ask me, I’m too busy enjoying Ferg’s Mortal Kombat references to really care. Besides, I’m sure Joey […]
Dancehall revival: I am here for you. Between Yeezus, Fergenstein’s Shabba Ranks tribute and that Mavado track from the French Montana record, you could probably string together a tenuous case that dancehall-tinged rap  is back. Even Action Bronson has incorporated the badman lick-a-shot toaster flow into his jar of drugs. When you think about it, […]
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There have been few if any truly great rap records this year. Kevin Gates’ Luca Brasi Story is pretty much the front-runner for rap album of the year, but I imagine the next eight months will hold heavy competition. Every year since I’ve been doing this, I wonder when the transformative rap records of the […]
A$AP, Rocko, & The Mack April 18, 2013
The Max Julien #1 Draft Pick was Camp Lo, who forged an entire career out of the fur coats and the 24 karat-flash of The Mack. Pimp C probably also picked up a few pointers from the wardrobe specialist better known as Goldie. And you know Curren$y made a killing out of kicking similarly simplistic […]
Evan Nabavian knows the real secret of the Flaming Moe. If you’re a rapper trying to be famous, you face a grueling existence. After you drop your groundbreaking mixtape, you smile and joke your way through daily press appearances, release songs according to a regimented promo schedule, dutifully avoid having a Charles Hamilton moment, and […]
Slava P is so bout it bout it, he only goes by the first letter of his last name. Long Live A$AP A dream-scape intro with a Coldplay impression over rainy beats Goldie A radio smash about flaunting your newly acquired items PMW (All I Really Need) feat. Schoolboy Q A spaceship soundtrack with the […]
Son Raw had to come back for this one. Kendrick may have more to say, Danny Brown may have more personality and Action Bronson wins for slick talk, but in the next great rapper sweepstakes, A$AP Rocky came through with the most fully realized sound. Grafting southern-psychedelia to dusty New York samples and Houstonian pimp […]
You know where Deen stands on those who are soy latte only. Disappointingly, our boy Rocky seems to have settled for the French Montana “Pop That” approach for his newest lead single. Also known as the “throw the kitchen sink of name recognition at em” approach. This shit isn’t nearly as cynical or derivative as […]
By Deen
Son Raw’s sippin pepto bismol. Also that video’s got drugs and titties so NSFW. Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas? These days the discussion around these parts goes Kendrick, Danny or Rocky… with Bam Bam Bronson and Freddy Gibbs getting nods for good measure. While there’s still plenty of scrubs getting media attention (save Nicky and Azealia […]