Chris Daly takes a first look at the self-explanatory edition of the Philly beatmaker's long-running Jawns series.
POW premieres Midnight Satori, the Dome of Doom debut from Boston beatmaker Rah Zen.
Chris Daly takes a look at Paul White's new beat tape, Everything You've Forgotten.
The new record from Commodo carries on the tradition of RJD2 and DJ Shadow.
By connecting the club space to a virtual one, Heterotopia keeps a sharp focus without ever running out of ideas. That’s something anyone invested in dance music should aspire to.
Chris Daly doesn’t need any more baby-making music, but he will gladly accept it. Ghost in the Machine generally refers to one of a few things. The more scholastic might read it as British philosopher Gilbert Ryle’s refutation of René Descartes’ mind-body dualism. The Sting-inclined might process it as the Police’s fourth album that offered […]
Chris Daly is huge in Japanese Bandcamps. Hide the children and women folk. Masked men continue to invade and take over the beat scene. In a world of deceased rodents and metal-fingered masters of mayhem, how does a beathead sporting a fucked up luchador mask make himself heard above the din of all that collective […]
There is a commonly held consensus by music writers that forward progression is the only important metric. Of course, this idea is commonly discarded for convenience’s sake. We all like Tame Impala, so people blissfully ignore the simple mathematics of the Australian psych-rockers: Dungen + Revolver-era Beatles + Todd Rundgren. What it masks is the […]