Will Hagle shows us a side of Outkast you've never heard before.
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Chris Daly breaks down the latest track from Dangermouse, featuring Big Boi and Run the Jewels.
If you hopped in the Delorean and warped back to ’97 and told me that Daddy Fat Sacks of the honorable ATLiens would be collaborating with the man with ye olde lyrics of fire from Company Flow, I would have turned in my driver’s license, knowing that this song would eventually cause me to get […]
Will this be remembered as the year everyone finally gave up on the idea of an Outkast reunion? Between Kendrick, K.R.I.T. and all halfway rap fusionists, their legacy remains the pink elephant in the room (to match Andre’s suspenders.) But the slow drip of articles touting “OUTKAST IN THE STUDIO” have gone ghost. Andre is […]
Tosten Burks prefers “Speakerboxx” to “The Love Below,” not that it matters. I shouldn’t feel an obligation to post Big Boi singles, but for some reason offering up this track from upcoming album, Victorious Lies and Dangerous Rumors feels morally satisfying. It’s not an underdog thing. Good music is good music, and less-than-good music is […]
So Fresh and So Clean April 11, 2011
Mike Bigga (Killer Mike) ft. T.I. & Big Boi – Ready Set Go (Remix) from Motion Family on Vimeo. What makes this video superior to most other videos? Killer Mike has renounced his Mike Bigga experiment and has pronounced death on people wearing Ed Hardy with sequins. Big Boi is wearing a fur hat that […]
  Funk is not a fad, but you could’ve been fooled otherwise. No need to delve into Wiki histories of the genre’s Boom Box War defeat by the 808s of “Rock Box” and Rick Rubin. Or the occasional renaissance’s in the SP’s of Dr. Dre and DJ Quik, Erick Sermon, the Lords of the Underground, […]
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10. Big Boi’s father’ s name was Chico Dusty, which means that there is a 64 percent chance that he is related to Razor Ramon.  Upon closer analysis, this is an obvious revelation based on Chico Dusty Jr.’s decision to reference Sgt. Slaughter in verse. There is also the alternate possibility that Sir Lucious Leadfoot’s […]
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  From mustaches to Maxells, all trends eventually return. So it’s unsurprising that you can calibrate the electro-rap sensibilities of the current pop marketplace by Big Boi’s latest single, “Shutterbug.” Hip-house might have been much maligned by hardcore heads 20 years ago, but enough time has passed for its absurdly modish fashions to be largely […]
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