Danny Chau is known for his killer crossover. “Man, I got a lot of problems…” After rattling off a few of his early hits (though “Imma Star” was conspicuously absent) in his special guest appearance for the last leg of Shlohmo’s Laid Out tour last Saturday, Jeremih paused to get a few things off his […]
Photos via Tito Garcia & Quayvo Shots. Joshua Lerner teaches at a school, accredited. If most rap artists still make their bread and butter through touring and stage performances, as Harold Stallworth stated last week in an article for this site, it serves us well to wonder: what are the factors that make for a […]
Harold Stallworth curbs your enthusiasm. For all the technological advancements that have altered the ways in which musicians have earned their keep over the last three decades, one constant has remained: Rappers, by in large, still generate the bulk of their income via live performances. Over the last few years, Freddie Gibbs, Big Krit and […]
Harold Stallworth is actively seeking a reliable Russian hat wear connect. During his dead-end tenure as a loyal Flipmode lieutenant, Roc Marciano sounded like most underground New York rappers did at the turn of the 20th century. His writing was dense, aggressive, and spoken to power in a predictably snarling tone. Over the years, Marciano’s […]
Harold Stallworth has never seen a G-Unit licence plate. Living up to a moniker as swaggering as “The Genius” is an uphill battle. But in the Autumn of 1995, Gza planted his flag at the summit of Mount Wu-Tang with the release of Liquid Swords. The watershed album cemented his place among the rap industry’s […]
Slava P was there. When you live in Toronto, there are really only four months of the year where the weather is comfortable enough for you to go outside and enjoy life. For the past three years, Drake has planted his owl-printed flag firmly into this four month-frame by introducing OVO Fest, which is less […]
Deen hath no fury. That’s a lie. I somehow ended up at a Pusha T concert over the weekend. This was not the plan, but it happened. Basically, I was watching LeBron eviscerate the Zombie Sonics in Game 5 the other night and like many other neutrals (read: Miami “Haters”), I got bored with the […]
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Photo by Lee “Intuition” Shaner via Knocksteady Aaron Frank knows what CMYK stands for but he ain’t telling. In the three years since I moved to LA, I’ve never seen a new artist sweep up fans across such a broad cross-section of socio-economic backgrounds quite like James Blake. The Sunset Strip crowd and industry crabs […]
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Abe Beame hails from Section 84. Summer ended suddenly on a Wednesday night in Tribecca when Kendrick Lamar, a self-appointed Dylan for 80s babies, took the stage at SOBs, one of the last venues Manhattan has left to a dedicated Hip Hop stage. And hip hop, in its strange 2011 iteration was in the building. […]
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Whether or not you enjoy Death Grips depends on what you want out of your music. If you’re searching to replicate the disorientation of a drill sergeant screaming seig heils at you while you attempt to asphyxiate yourself with a plastic bag, this will be your favorite rap group of all-time. If not, they exist […]
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