David Ma speaks to storied producer Blockhead about Aesop's timeless 2001 single.
Our MF DOOM tribute continues with legendary rap producer Blockhead goes in on the obscure references and genius sample flip of the Operation: Doomsday standout.
Joel Biswas speaks to the all-time great producer about a host of subjects including but not limited to his new release, Free Sweatpants.
Joel Biswas sits at the table with the brand new single from the Philly spitter.
Zilla Rocca speaks with Blockhead about his new album, 'Funeral Balloons,' and the early days of Def Jux.
Carried over from his blog, Phat Friend, the great NYC producer Blockhead tries to figure out which upcoming rappers are worth sticking with.
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In advance of his sixth solo album, "Bells and Whistles," Blockhead talks gentrification, simplicity, and the New York Knicks.
Free flying horse rap for the fuck of it. Marq Spekt and Blockhead offer this cadeau (“gift” in French) as a token of appreciation in the wake of their Justplaywitit, released last week on Hipnott Records. The lineup is burnished with A-List rapping labyrinths, Aesop Rock and Open Mike Eagle. Over a pillowy psych-jazz sample, […]
Zilla Rocca takes a break from life as a Bourbon general to break down why Billy Woods is every otherground rapper’s favorite rapper. Superman sucks. Spider-Man is a bitch. But they both have day jobs. Billy Woods has a day job. I don’t know what it is, but he has one. He released an album […]
If you are one of those people who is obsessed with audio fidelity and formality, this might not be your favorite episode. Due to Blockhead and Nocando’s tour schedules, the only time we could get together to record this episode was on a Saturday afternoon at my apartment, buoyed by a lot of Irish whiskey, […]