Nobody's next EP, 'Prodigal Sun', drops Friday, Oct. 30 via Alpha Pup.
Fresh from a 13-month hiatus, the Low End Theory podcast returns.
If you’ve been paying attention to the last half-dozen episodes of Shots Fired, the only podcast to offer advice on how to adopt a puffin, you might notice that we’ve steered away from the one episode, one topic approach. There are only so many ways you can break down the history of independent rap and […]
Back from a five month hiatus comes the Low End Theory podcast. DJ Nobody drops the trappingest mix in the history of trapezia. Trapezia is a land populated by powder-colored Brits who worship at the feet of Waka Flocka. Reverse colonialism, y’all.  On the low, Nobody was first on that wave, even if I think […]
Things to do while listening to DJ Nobody’s Winter Mix : lace your egg nog with acid, sprinkle kief and subsequently smoke your mistletoe, tell your loved ones that you think they’re really far out, talk to a tree and ask him how his soul is feeling today, call up Peter Gabriel to talk about […]
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