Evan Nabavian sprinkles a little insight on the Bay Area legend's newest EP.
Evan Nabavian explores a somewhat overlooked period in the storied career of E-Feezy Fonzarelli by creating a POW exclusive mix.
Jesse Taylor speaks with E-40 and B-Legit about their history of collaboration, growing up in Vallejo, and teaching young rappers about the industry.
Will Hagle drinks E-40's booze so you don't have to.
Jake Slesinski revists E-40's 2003 record, 'Breakin' News.'
Kyle Ellison waves his finger in the air for slang prostitution It might have been Kanye playing coach in the video for ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’, but if Big Sean knows what’s good for him he’ll take his advice from the guy in the commentary box. E-40 has stayed fresh throughout three decades, outlived […]
When Nite Jewel met Sick Wid It: the collaboration that everyone had been waiting for:  By everyone, I meant me. Ramona Gonzalez mentioned her collaboration with the son of 40 Fonzarelli to me roughly a year ago. If I hadn’t previously spoken extensively with her about the history of Bay Area rap, I might have […]
Evan Nabavian slapped a cop once a la Zsa Zsa Gabor. If Petrarch were born 600 years later and had DJ Fresh beats, he would be E-40 on “Pussy Got Slap”, leading the charge on a posse cut where the central conceit is that the pussy has– well, yeah. For those less conversant with Bay […]
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Alchemist and Oh No once lectured me against the inhalation of Romulan, but I won’t hold it against E-40. Once you have invented more verbs than Vladimir Nabokov, you get the greenlight to burn half-bunk strains of bud. What’s amazing about Fonzarelli and Todd Shaw is that these two continue to show no signs of […]