Will Hagle might watch himself, or get beside himself The only way to hear Mystikal’s new single is via audio rip from BBC1. Except it’s not Mystikal’s new single. It’s Mark Ronson’s. Except it’s not Mark Ronson’s new single, because the new Bruno Mars single is the new Mark Ronson single. This is an album […]
There are two essential reasons why this post exists: the first is obviously Mystikal. Every time I write one of these posts, I feel a twinge of uneasiness considering Mystikal was convicted of an indefensible crime. It’s a little strange to write posts in all caps about OMG MYSTIKAL, but yo, listen to this man […]
We interrupt your regularly scheduled weekend debauchery to bring you a collaboration between Future and Mystikal. Meek Mill and uh, Tyga are on it too, but these are only ancillary details. The song is called “Fly Rich” and the lyrics and sound come straight out of the usual sad robot modern luxury lane that none […]
I assume it was just imperial oversight, because the combination of Mannie Fresh, Mystikal, and a hook that interpolates both “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” AND “Behind Blue Eyes,” is precisely what should make the Internet go nuts. There are a legion of reasons why the last sentence shouldn’t work, but there are two why […]
Now with ZIP File.  Download: Passion of the Weiss Top 50 Hip Hop Songs, 2012: Part II (#50-26) (Left-Click) Passion of the Weiss Top 50 Hip Hop Songs, 2012: Part I (#25-1 ) (Left-Click) Previously: Passion of the Weiss Top Hip Hop Songs — 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 Novelty Bonus – “Hot Cheetos […]
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The Ageless Mind of Mystikal December 6, 2012
I caught Mystikal six months ago at the Varsity in Baton Rouge and at 42 years old, he might still be best performer in rap. We spoke for a while outside of the club for my Boosie article and most of the interview is unintelligible. I can’t tell if I have a mediocre tape recorder […]
Max Bell finds the revulsion invigorating. Another year. Another BET awards. Another round of ciphers. I give you my thoughts off the top of the dome. But really though, off the top of the dome. Seriously, I didn’t write this, look at it, think about it, and then try to make it sound better or […]