Jordan Pedersen realizes it’s technically spring, but hey, sometimes it snows in April. I gotta keep it 100: I wrote a pathetic, self pitying pile of crap for my first pass at this. “Wah wah it’s cold in Chicago wah wah winter is an insoluble injustice wah wah why won’t Kate Upton RT me.” I […]
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Peter Holslin plays jazz flute on the side Most people know San Diego for its chill vibes and nice beaches. Also, Ron Burgundy. What they might not realize is that this lovely Southern California city also has a long tradition of fostering incredibly weird, noisy music. This mix features some of my favorite tracks from […]
Jimmy Ness wants a PS4 for Arbor Day. This mix defines my winter tastes pretty well – grumpy old and new raps combined with soul and funk. While I’ve been listening to beats and rhymes since before the Willennium, booty-shaking riffs and smooth grooves are something I’ve only properly investigated in the past few years. […]
Alex Koenig apologizes for the lack of ska.  Last October I dated a girl, who let’s call Chelsea. I was initially drawn to her hazelnut hair, broad smile, and petite figure, but what made me want to stick around was our kindred enthusiasm for music, films, literature, and art. That connection fostered priceless moments and […]
There’s the idyllic winter night in New York – Kevin McCallister reuniting with his mom under the Rockerfeller Center Christmas tree after thwarting Harry and Marv yet again – and then there’s reality: convincing yourself that that $9 burrito is worth braving the haunted wastes of Manhattan. When I’m facing wind that feels like it’s […]
Chris Daly is cold as ice yet unwilling to sacrifice. Shit gets rough in the wintertime. You don’t need me to tell you that. Unless you’re living in some unnatural environment, there’s never enough sunlight, it’s colder than a battle rapper’s baby’s mama, and god damn if even your dog doesn’t seem to be pissier […]
Harold Stallworth has a thing for Joan Pringle. Have you ever noticed that the golden eras for black movie soundtracks coincide with the surge and resurgence of the American durag? Perhaps if we all wore our stocking caps to work next week, The Alchemist would score the next Steve McQueen film. In the meantime, dig […]
The weather has no bearing on the blues. They will overtake you in sunny Santa Monica or in the coldest Chicago winter. The question is not if, but when. I’m not exactly feeling the blues now, but they’re never wholly gone. They wait in a street sign or a supermarket that forever signifies more than […]
Like we always do about this time. This is where I rattle off seasonal clichés and explain how this mixtape pairs nicely with said wintery clichés. Big boots, thick jackets, hot chocolate, ice skating, skiing if you’re bourgie. Even if you doesn’t snow where you are, you know the feeling. This is music for the […]
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Why a winter mixtape? Because your Wu mixtape with “Winter Warz” and “Cold World” cracked in half. Because London just got through the biggest snowfall in decades. Yes, this mixtape is being posted on a website better known for summer jamz, but I’d argue that winter transcends weather. I’ve lived in Canada for most of […]
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